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Functional Training Program Dubai for Obtaining Physical Strength, Development of Physical Fitness

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Our FitRepublik Fitness Center, The Academies, we launched a new system of exercises Functional training (similar to CrossFit), who comes from Dubai and is gaining great popularity around the world. It is a completely different workout than what you know from fitness centers. It is suitable for both men and women regardless of your current physical condition.


Functional Training Program Dubai for obtaining physical strength, development of physical fitness - fitness, but also agility and speed. This type of exercise is different from the classic workout in the gym. It is not aimed to gain muscle mass. The fundamental difference between traditional gyms for Functional training is a method of exercise. While at the gym to perform exercises focus on specific muscle groups, Functional training is aimed at fitness training or strengthening exercises overall physical fitness. The exercises are carried out quickly, dynamically, with fewer burdens.

The program is designed for all ages that everyone can practice with different loads and intensity. This method is adapted to all, regardless of gender, age, weight or athletic skills. Functional training dedicated to children and the elderly, by top athletes who want to increase their performance.


Functional Training Dubai is a term known methodology or approach to strength training. The aim is to develop overall body strength, but agility and speed. For Functional training is typical variability. Trainings (workouts) are different for each workout, not a simple steps bridge.

Common Functional Training Exercises Dubai are pushups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, jumping rope, jump on a bench, rowing, running and other (prevailing exercises are a burden on one’s own body).


The aim is to perform exercises very quickly, dynamically and coordinated! For more difficult movements are used relatively small load, so that it can exercise typically twenty times repeated. For example, conventional attacks can be carried out with weights overhead. Use of relatively small loads (from 10% to 30% of maximum) focused on the dynamics then has a good effect on the increase in speed of movement.

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