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“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything” -

We all are very well aware of above quote by an anonymous writer. It is truly said that having hope leads to success and no hope to failure. Also, the key to have hope is to be healthy physically and mentally as well. In order to remain healthy, we can do yoga, exercise, gym, follow a proper diet etc. Involvement with sports is also one of the great ways to remain fit and fine.


A sport is basically an activity in which there is involvement of physical exertions and skills. It comprises of 2 or more teams or individuals competing against one another. A few examples of sports are -

1) Basketball

2) Football

3) Badminton

4) Tennis etc

Weightlifting in Dubai

One of the sports which is gaining much popularity these days among youngsters is weightlifting. It is basically a sport in which one has to lift barbells or other weights. There are 2 types of weightlifting in modern scenario -

  1. A) Single - movement lifting - It is from floor to one’s extension.
  2. B) Double - movement lifting - It is from floor to shoulders and then from shoulders to extension.

It is becoming very popular amongst youth of almost every country. One of such county is Dubai. In Dubai, weightlifting has gained fame among people and there are many who have really succeeded in this field. The best place of gym to provide learning classes for this sport is Fit Republik. The people who want to move from floor to maintain in this area cannot find a better place to learn Olympic weightlifting Dubai. It is that kind of sport where one has to be technically very appropriate in order to avoid any injury and muscle tear. At Fit Republik, one finds professionals who are very dedicated and trained in it. They provide a set regime of workout to let you gain mastery in skill.

Powerlifting Dubai -

In parallel with weightlifting, powerlifting is also another sport which is becoming popular day by day. It is basically a type of weightlifting only. Under it, the contestants compete by performing 3 sets of lifts in a prescribed sequence. The one who performs it more accurately wins the game.


Now Fit Republik provides you the best classes for it. As stated earlier, all these sports are about good techniques. At Powerlifting Gym in Dubai, the trainers focus on one’s technique and try to polish it to the best every time.

Following are the features of Powerlifting Gym Dubai which makes it the best in Dubai -


1) Nice environment to workout with good music.

2) Professional trainers who know their work.

3) Individual grooming of each student.

4) Working on their techniques.

5)Trainers perform the weightlifting Dubai with students in order to make them comfortable.


6) Sometimes, they compete with them as well.

Therefore, if one wants to be fit and fine, then Fit Republik is their destination for sure.


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