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Natural Movement of Your Own Body Weight and Functional Training Exercises Dubai by

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Functional Training Dubai is presented as a hit last season, in its essence; however, there are hundreds of years old. They are benefiting because of the foundations on which the athletes been building since time immemorial. The aim of this exercise is to exercise because both sports and daily tasks more effectively and efficiently. Variability training to guarantee the functionality for all possible interested in unusual and most effective workout. It is clear that worker, a secretary and a top athlete will have on your body completely different demands. Functional training is not guaranteed to be effective for each of them. Therefore, for each designated a different exercise system with other utensils, which guarantees that no one will waste time on lessons, but you take away what his body and actually needs a way of life.


Nevertheless, not a strictly personal matter. The core Functional Training Dubai is all an exercise system preserved - in each group of exercises can be found complex exercise that seeks to involve most muscles of the body, while maintaining the natural exercise, which develops coordination and cooperation of individual movements. The emphasis is on strengthening the deep spinal stabilization system, this system is seen as crucial for the functioning of the whole body and the musculoskeletal system, while the back muscles and spine supports the usual stress and minor disturbances. After all, who does not know someone who nowadays has back problems! Functional training but excluding spinal system focuses also on other postural muscles (those that hold our body upright). When functional training cooperates nervous and muscular system, thereby developing their mutual coordination but also prevents injuries. For functional training, the way our bodies to prepare for the operation to a particular sport, as well as on any other burden. Tennis players, during Functional Training in Dubai working on their speed, endurance, strength, but of course on muscle imbalance, which brings tennis.

Why choose Functional Training in Dubai?

Development of strength, power, flexibility and range of motion, endurance

Cardiovascular fitness

Burning calories = weight loss

Includes multiple muscle groups at once - comprehensiveness, integrity, cooperation


Aligning muscle imbalances, injury rehabilitation and prevention exercises

Collaborates nervous and muscle system

Proper breathing and posture + rehabilitation purposes

Strengthening and stabilization of joint preparation

Natural movement of your own body weight and exercise utensils

Emphasis on postural muscles and the deep stabilizing system of the spine

Diverse multi-level exercise (three dimensions of movement)

Acceleration, deceleration and stabilization of all muscle groups

Possibility of individual training for peace (= functional training)

Suitable for all ages, different physical condition, both sexes

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